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Empower2 software driver for Corona family of detectors

Thermo Scientific Dionex in partnership with Waters brings Empower 2 software control of Thermo Scientific Dionex Corona family of charged aerosol detectors to our customers free of charge.

This Waters® Instrument Control Software (ICS) provides Empower 2 software control of the Corona family of detectors. Software support will be provided by Thermo Scientific Dionex Technical support organization.


  • Corona CAD / Corona Plus- existing units must have firmware version 1.23 or higher.
  • Corona ultra - must have firmware version 1.00 or higher.
  • Empower 2 Software- must be from base code build 2154 or higher.

Please check the firmware version of your Corona unit before proceeding. Click here to view instruction for checking your units' firmware version.

NOTE: If your firmware version does not meet the prerequisite, contact Technical Support for the proper firmware for your unit.

Follow the steps below to check the installed version of firmware in a Corona detector:

    1. With the main power to the detector ON, press [HELP] [ESCAPE] on the front panel keypad.
    2. An info screen will appear that will display the System Info screen with the current firmware Version no.

Before proceeding click here to read Installation Notes

Click here to download the Empower 2 ICS driver (V2.1) and follow the instructions from the Installation notes.

Empower™ is a trademark of Waters Corporation.

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