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Boron Doped Diamond Electrode for HPLC-EC detection

Boron doped diamond cell for directly measuring sulfur-containing compounds

Life-science researchers believe that sulfur-containing compounds are critical to a variety of biologically and clinically important processes – from oxidative metabolism, to cardiovascular and neurodegenerative-disease mechanisms, to signal transduction. But measuring sulfur-containing compounds has been extraordinarily difficult, until now.

Our newest electrochemical cell is designed with a unique Boron Doped Diamond (BDD) working electrode to enable routine measurement of thiols, thioethers, and other sulfur-containing compounds. The new BDD cell, coupled with our industry-leading Coulochem™ III ECD system, delivers excellent sensitivity and durability, while eliminating the problems (fouling, high background, toxicity) associated with earlier ECD systems.

Boron-doped Diamond Electrode
for use with Model 5040 Amperometric Cell

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